Tuesday, March 20, 2018

march 20th me video,pics today & adult ones,( me with on someone,) boob butt pics & the REST fetish ones forgot, business,pool boy ,ROLEPLAY.,3 girls, 3 boys me BIKES BOOTS ,in pool, messy, WORKOUT< ME wrestle girls/guys scuba, workout room, bozing, me in tree ,beaches, pools, outside SEE I LIKE ALL KINDS ADULT FUN

me this summer,
me macrh 20th in sheets 

 forgot also like business look and boots

  and hee pix of sex swing have at home, i know u only see corner  of it,,, just happen see and add for ya ,just proving like lot of things  really not just saying   post before this   toys strap on  leather lace outside ool,  and have  few more i found add here  tat have to do with fetishes and explains that i like all kinds of fun, ( it is u became boring not me, wink)

 the adult pics, these along with whole set further below it just i know u guys lazy dotn look just ask me, which is fine, i just dotn want blog be just me repeating same things thats all , so i leave and delete when leave cause have still tons pics u not seen from feb an march  yet  

butt for ya and rest of fetish pics adult fun

my girl friend above 

 apartment again had see people do videos shoot, swing me out at bike festivals, i dont just say like  swingers clubs fetish blass, adult expos,  working out, or playing w girls guys fetish toys roleplay actually do it ,,,,

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

3/13 PICS NUDE VIDEO - also pics of feet ME IN EVERY OUTFIT NYLONS HEELS HAVE< & TOYS -pics E ME W GIRLS BOYS FETISH& roelay scenerios pics me wrestling boxing bikes,nlons water sports & leather /lace

not edited  had use auto lighten do not think even did that right, let alone edit but have seen pics of girls who do edit, ( i was floored u could add hair ,take wt off & here, i have been working out, (sarcasm) 3/4-3/11 well,all below -black/white,red/white/black,red,nudes all 2/20-3/13 2018


 time with me,
, HH, or hr massage/rub type time or HR adult ,everything type hr
hard describe   fun, it is suppose to be,,,,,,cause no one is same, but in general a few second to  20,30 min of massage rub, then we go from there ,,that is my hi, get know u, also put  new people nerve at ease nothing bad about  come by for that , but also been told never felt so at ease as fast w anyone, but besides that ,, everyone really is diff, sure there stuff i like or know u like, but in general,,,,
 toys , dont let them scare ya ,can use on u , me or both of us, enhance time, but, use them or dont,,,  gosh,,  get a massage  or dont,  YES know TRUE  definition of PURE GFE  -YES  real nurse R.N/
_____________( why  i really hesitate put this  here but dont know, trying, seeing if it helps, cause lately  I cant tell what is going on, but i get u ava  , want just drive, &  dont realize i do care who u are, not picky a nice voice, an intro a head shot, see if look nice person ( i  said what u name once  , someone said god u make this so hard,,, hhahhhha
but masters graduated  CWRU, yes know little tricks enhance u time ( mainly cause spent 7 years just taking are of myself)
&  um duhhh my favorite joke heard, TRUE , ladies-- i saw cover cosmo says 467 ways please u man in bed, let me tell u u only have to do 1 thing 467 times, ,  i thought was funny,
 massage hr , massage real or not ,  can do real one if need, want,  but those want contacts touch teasing prostate or just milder type , cheaer intro type hr,  and sure u can play by ear decide if want different while here,,, it is suppose to be why massage hr was there,,,,,,
 adult  pure gfe, twice,  yes know definition of gfe, xoxoxo 69,  or just bend me like pretzel, see picture below am very flexible, 
.... fetish toys add to hr time or some want just do that,
******** but be aware get lot requests so sometimes i can simply offer  2 rates do  to that and sometimes can only do 1 hr rate  PERIOD, yes get that many requests BUt most i wont see it is mainly  i find those i would see like same days, times,
, do have regulars come by 2 3 times while i visit,  (same with video or pictures, i just pick an outfit and show up, & we go from there,)
,  i go on u comfort level, so everyone is different, some want more just fetishes and toys type fun,
contact tease "my glide" prostate massage , some want real massage deep tissue , some barely let me say hi 30 seconds massage ,(again literal) some like it as  an intro into more adult stuff ,
some play by ear
 --i dont just do 1 thing or another,,  i can,,,, hear i am great at basics, ,it not experience, it cause i care,
lets see  i tbing all we need tons outfits tons colors types nylons, heels, own sheets , wash clothes etc
              but doesnt mean do everything  ,it depends , if first time person, what i think about u, what happened to meet person before we just ask/want/ assume,,,??? i will do say if bad at or dont do something , again, have no need lie,,, ,,some  people care simply that know i  picky who comes by, how many, get checked clean freak, ,  some like others things about me so come on by ===literally ocd, have scraped myself, burnt myself w nair, get dead , dirty skin off, (  i DO NOT HAVE HAIR , what makes that funny,  laze red all off except small strip) b ( did i forget anything, does help, not help)
, only i negative thing said about me on net  , reviews, that is true,,, at least ..( i dont read them i hear about them or discussions tho)  but sitting on it, deciding if should add explain, just has to do w phone, no worries ,


https://myspace.com/tonibenz/videos i like videos cute
u see below working on a new fb  fix u tube channel and Instagram had old ones , got locked out cause to adult so this is for u


 same me , feb  only the  last pics on collages show outfits themes me at expos older but all these past 2 months at most 6 mo just fyi  but i seen people years ago that say.... i do always look same dont really change  in years but it lifestyle ... anyway love u hope meet u hope helps

nude video  for ya