Wednesday, April 25, 2018

hey sexies new blog diff html address topless pictures ,

 BELOW  u guys other blog is updated  now it is august    it u looking here  the changed  link to   this is  JUST FYI Cause 6 months worth of pics etc  there  toni b 

sexy butt

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

418 PITT MNRVL april 18th pics and video for u, -u like it , when u end up finding a site u like lmk, until then in city last was, sites still up in use so i ca be ok also,,

pics,vid april 18  in pitt were ads last were monreoville ( & are other ad sites up , but i know u only care about u, but i cant go to city just hoe ask and make it,  that doesnt work , sooooo i kinda need know where u guys end up looking find gals i have  said blog, forever , people end up txting me, which is fine,  but  just fyi  loe ya i added a  2nd, 3rd video in case u didnt see  2 outfit and 1 me i like , one so u get ides  of me , i say cause at bottom 

VID BELOW, know u like legs behind head,  .as dominant as i am  with (STRAP ON pics below also along with nylons other fetish adult pics and nude video pics all below, toys outfits i dont want re hash everything just cause u dont want to look, tried label ok for u ,, but wanted say like dominant but also like being thrown about and bent like pretzel if u like,  i like being squashed  on top r under u  doesnt bug me at all , i dont like pain and not into being tied up, es hands cause i got touch everything , then stare at it , then comes the slobber boobs glide etc and  we just go from there , but have those wear gloves or dont want any outfits off,  ave those bring another guy or like toys and me spit or gs etc  so it really does run from mild to kinky at u comfort level,  & it is not that i do everything i just have only tiny list i dont like, thats all, who the heck is the same, ?  laugh when people say what position or what do u like, ummmmm what day is it,  hhahha i dont know depends on the day depends on u also interact and sure who doesnt know  hwo to do a general massage session or gfe escort session( the real definition) so dont let the  i like everything scare u either , like gals also,,pretty! I care who and how many vs what we do how long u stay what u goals are,  play by ear if  u want  im easygoing 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

APRIL 7th sites?? THIS HAPPENED BUT NEW PICS LOOK HOW TONED AM AGAIN feel so sexier, ( it what been lecturing u about bp) cause it ,but

LOOK AT WHAT I WOKE UP TO_ PICS ME APRL 6TH ME IN PURPLE BELOW ,black corset everyone seems like next post i put 1 or 2 here so can see if like, & look nex and nude videos pics , adult pic links etc all next few posts for you
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