Sunday, November 26, 2017

11/30 DONT LAUGH didnt make it to the put on clothes/ make up hair part _ testing light- NUDE PICS & VIDEO BUT HAD TO SHARE ** FINALLY Old body back, yeahhhhh HUH???

BTW the next 7 POSTS  all past 6 months of pics  videos, taken w cell/webcam/diff outfits -1 post overview for u, like ones of each and nude adult toys outfits  in general for you, 1 is  fun one below me younger and now and misc fun adult pics for u ,(me w guy , gals model, wrestle, fetish)  - lastly 1 is of  me reviews, ranking, proof rates 8.4 out 10 for looks and service  BLOG has 2 yr worth stuff enjoy ,

NOVEMBER 30,2017 not to bad for an old lady , 

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