Thursday, December 20, 2007

wrestling example, below is modeling example and below is the christmas cartoons

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New York shoot, example of what I do in modeling

this the best best way to describe it since i get tons of questions on it, i wrestle, ( that includes everything from catfighting to semi competative ) fetishes from slapstick comedy to gungee and bondage. mainstream, I do shows, catalogs, easy rider, nascaretc , a lot of amatuer shoots helping them build their portfolio , and some documentaries, from garve yards to nude outside to boats and mansions I have shot in, Mainly i am like a body double is closest thing i can compare it to, meaning you have seen my bdy and parts in art work, video games, arts gallereies, , institure for art and design, sculptures, lighting exhibits, so you have most likely seen me just never knew that was me LOl here is a great example
New York

Monday, December 17, 2007

My new site

Thank you for being patient it has everything you have asked for , calender, blog, new pictures, my links and newsletter ,
special thanks toni
NEXXXT Designs . COM for his work

Happy Holidays