Saturday, October 4, 2008

hi everyone update coming soon , dec 10th

some news and few pictures to share coming up let me get thru the cd;s and will update you this weekend, am in charlote december and all new clips , pictures and member site wiil launch this week,
but thanks for asking, so far surgery went well, back to size 2/4 due to wt loss and woring out twice a day and boobs are 34 ddd , thats cool, huh , it had been rough surgery, i got breast infection, then went to my heart because i have a murmor and then my daughter had some sensative issues , so i am sorry dissappeared for awhile but back, TONI B

hey toni
I don't know if you know this, but you are BBBAAAADDDDDDDDDDD. From head to toe, left to right, you are one hooootttttttt sexy woman. Baby, update 50 has got me all hard up. It is making me more and more interested in meeting you. Love your lips and your body is awesome. The smile melts even all the beast (LOL). And to make it even better, you just seem like a very down to earth woman that would be fun to hang out with on a Saturday (LOL).
i am very down to earth thanks !!!!