Monday, September 15, 2008

IMPORTANT INFO phone, surgery,sites

oct6th having breast surgery remember ___ the phone-- vm is for designers and hosting and billing compnaies for my site and clip stores ,

also does not work( in case you have that site saved,) , so i took banner off the myvideos page and go to ( also banners on myvideos page) but just look up tonibenz (2) stores there adult( with girls and guys ) and fetish /modelng /wrestling, etc
fan site is , has some info not on ths site if you are interested, ( did not wan to bore you if not ) smile !!!

so give me a week to recover before i am back to the computer and maybe 2 weeks before back out as i said just call the phone and i will let you know how it is going andd when i plan to be available wheneer it does not hurt to the touch ( smile) 704 516 6840 ,

i plan to do new pictures and video 2 to 3 months out when they settle, dont worry not a lot bigger , maybe half a size , it is just replacing what is there before the are sooo old they look bad, almost fall, plus these three months going to start working out twice a week and already did hair , teeth and laser facial, so maybe christmas time i will reveal my new self to you, love you feel free to write and say hi, also the clubton and sites are being worked on as well, thanks so much write me anytime, or add a post here

Monday, September 8, 2008 is now a fan site with a blog( more pics and the news )

this s for those that are interested >>so that i do not bore you with extra things and this blog has more pictures different ones and some the same and is for fans and those that in general know me from modeling ,member site, clubtoni, webcam , southern charms , videos store you tube, my space , and yahoo group also because most of the people that go to those sites do not know at all about bellatoni, so needed seperate place to tell them news they care about that you might not , bt wanted you to know if interested it is there thanks blog thanks

ps my daughter is 18
, sept 25th so as present to me for making it thru i am getting myself new bobs on oct 6th

SC charleston -columba -and hilton head res of days charlotte !!!

i decided to stay close to home this month

sept 15,16 and 17 charelston sc

sept 18 and 19 th is hilton head,

oct 2 and 3 columbia sc

all dates not filled in are in charlotte as i can and sept 25th is my daughters b day 18 how about that , phew made it, lets celebrate , well anyway oct ^th i have major surgery ( nothing wrong ) ( boobs etc ) my daughter is 18 gift to me, lol , anyway so oct probably not feel like seeing anyone but we will see , i will need massages then (smile)

okay some pics like below of me working in md