Monday, December 15, 2008

okay new boobs and shoot below is a slide show for you

here is a funny storey for you, In case you do not know ,like me, The first time you get breast implants I got to pick the size, second time i just pick a picture and they try to aim for that. Therefore, I had no idea what size I was for awhi. I go into Victoria's Secret and pick out my usual size 34D. To say it did not fit is an understand, my boobs hit my chin, I ask the older lady t measure me. she comes back slides a box and under the door and says these will fit. I look down and laugh and say umm I don't think I am that size. she says now you are honey. I respond .well then do you have anything I would not buy my grandma for Christmas, She says not really 36DDD and 34DDD are the top sizes we have> I would say you are bordering on a E. Great, So i did get a few bras and the best I could do is lace on the cup. The other funny note is i have to wear a medium and then a small sports bra on top of it, to hold the puppies in enough to run and workout,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

what a hard last two months , anyway new site

new site

I have a question, I am looking to move in the next year, need some info on cities,
gainsville, fl
austin, tx
davis, ca
chicago,il and columbus, oh
I am looking around colleges, and would like an urban city with suburbs and things t do ( not like carolinas) festival, rib cook offs, amuesment parks, etc etc I am also hopefu;ly looking for fast paced people , but with a mild as climate as possible, anyone have an idea or any opinions on those cities, ???
I looked them up on google earth and stuff like that, but city websites dont tell much , need t move for two reason , one daughter is 19 headed to college and wants mommy by her and two severly allergic to three grasses in carolinas, bermuda, johnston, and some weird name , they can do nothing for me, but no where else have i suffered and i have traveled all over , anyway that is the news, i had a heart nfection after surgery, so sorry i kinda fell away and thanks for your well wishes

new boobs 34ddd and back to working out lost 15 pounds yeah HAPPY HOLIDAY charlotte

oct 2008 in md

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