Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i joined twitter tonibenz

i saw the iditerod

how cool is that dogs and sports, now if only it where in hawaii,
love sports and animals, watch rodeo , anthing to no watch soaps and reailty tv actually

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my next stuff to do CLUBTONI.COM is launched

wrestling /martial arts
We are looking for models in the Mid-Atlantic/Carolinas for photo and video shoots doing real wrestling with other models. This is not erotic, topless, jello, oil, or any other form of sensuous female vs female trash that masquerades as female fighting. We train you to really defend yourself, and have fun while doing it. It should be viewed as fitness models/athletes involved in martial arts.Think of it as a modified version of UFC with rules that make sure no one gets hurt (no punching, etc). A similar venue for reference is the Model-boxing shows that are occuring in California, where models train and then box. Legitimate, pays well, is safe, provides paid training, expenses, photos, etc. True safe, fun submission wrestling. We also teach the models boxing and self defense. We pay expenses for models coming in from out of town (we're based in VA Beach), and pay for the training, shoots, etc. Models get CD of everything we do. Well-paying DVD shoots available in the MD/DC area at times (expenses paid too).

charlotte visitor authority
I'm producing a couple of shoots on Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th for Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority/Visit Charlotte.com.The shots will be of regular people having a good time around Uptown. More scenes of Uptown life than portraits of individuals or groups. We have four locations set: McCormick & Schmick's, Coco Osteria, the Arena Lynx station, and Town.Would you be interested in being in one of the shots? The shoot doesn't pay, but you will get a copy of the image.

my men,

charlotte be back mid next week!! march 27th thru April.

I wanted to mention two things,
first going to be here in may an expo
come by if your in the area , you will see me with diamond


i got an ego boost today and one bad comment, went to massage and facial spa, the massage lady said she never felt muscles as tight or bad as mine, ( the wrestling ) but i am use to it, so no big deal , i honestly tried not to workout years ago, and it was not any better, so i just get massages
the good news she said i had the skin of a 20 year old, i said , i do not, she said trust me i see lost of skin, and then the facial lady said your facial structure is very exotic and your skin is again you look in your twenties, i said that is the strong Russian, Italian,Scandinavian, background, but she said if you like you do at your age, ( that is not good by the way to say to a girl) then i bet your daughter is beautiful, awww ,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

funny story , am i a control freak or what

first time ever, i drove a hybrid, it is okay, and had a gps, but i printed out directions and had a map in case, so i am driving, and gps says one way to go, i think no, that does not look right and go another way, after 15 minutes of this and hearing recalculating, go this way, recalculating, i shut it off, , the person with me says, wow have to even control the gps, i said um no <>
so pretty sure i am dominate one,

also with the video , people have to sign model release, if they even pass thru the scene, so in pool people swimming and i said get out of my view or u need to sign, at one event we are catfighting in the pool and there is a naked pregnant lady sunbathing <>
oh my weird life,

also having trouble moving , areas are just not what i thought they were ( me and daughter ) so still deciding between , novo, northern va, philly pa and florida,