Sunday, May 21, 2017


lastly will add new adult video, flexibility one and describe time w me briefly, one then add stories of the fetish roleplay assage adult time sessions  one for fyi and 2 for fun, and should be it, so hope have a great year, got new cell, ( new computer and can do better webcam, and video and i am getting there as promised, ( just had start over when all my house robbed stripped , novemebr 2016 nd just back year ago seeing people after 7 years off, so update website later and thank u for u patience , as u can see got the wt off, so here we go lets play and have some fun this year !!!!!!!!!
OK!!!!!!!!!!!I will fix this wknd, ,*IT TAKE ME  MIN...I FORGOT WHICH ONES I PUT last time& which ones wanted to add**but did ad boobs butt, short but close up___*, just seeing of it worked ,last time ,HAD ON AD 
 but attracted wrong people so will do just add to here_ ITS  flexibility, forgot put my LEGS BEHIND HEAD  & SIMPLE OVERVIEW  of like options,this is one i kinda said we can do ..... as i showed u splits, legs head, etc but it attracted wrong kind people when i put on ad, so putting here

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 19th PHILLY PA KOP took 2 NUDES FRI 19th & SEE NEXT 2 posts more NUDES & LINKS to reviews social sites my site adult fetish modeling and videos

PHIL  kop area and little bit NE by valley forge casino and pax, ( as requested)
 the top 2 NUDES taken when i got in ,  FRIDAY MAY 19
pics taken may 1- may 16 and  I tried  not to duplicate but might have one or two black & white May 8th  grey and pink MAY 14
                                               massage mainly  hour OR  escort gfe mainly hour , also do fetish role play fantasy & toys............ can add or mix match NOTICE I SAY MOSTLY    ME FRIDAY MAY 19 other pics from

MAY below

 i am personal and u are each individuals,   so everyone is honestly literally different stuff with out time,  but but in very general massage , body glide rub ( its addicting) pure gfe , even some pse, fetishes roleplay fantasy ,, do mix and match or one thing twice is GREAT by me or cim , I will add  more  but reviews say it best or adult videos,  i can easily take the whole hour just me playing teasing touching laying on gliding on getting on ( lol) and slobbering on u body , so if u add what u like,, it goes to the hour,, but honest from a real massage , i can do an actual one even deep tissue to just soft sensual teasing ,, to prostate rubs and strap ons, to pure gfe , hugs an kissing and laying beside u, 69 etc all ok by me,
nylons heels a dress, so wrestle smother , dominate femdome golden showers feet etc etc , ( a lot fetishes  roleplay and fantasy done just ask )   to pure gfe , i mean i also done mind start few minute massage to know u and  just go straight at ya , go once  me get to pla w u and then go twice or cim and every position i love, i start on top  , and i am very flexible,, or i have also not taken clothes off and done  fantasy  diff kind of stuff,
so  weathe ru are wild  or mild and just little bit or  totally  want just a certain thing or , all i am not into is pain or verbal humiliation, i dont do greek( but other things ok, ) not a prude, use to , just had say no  after awhile, ,
 but i am good at a lot of things  and by all means, touch me ,  l if u just want a dominant women to take advantage of u and knows what she  and u like than i am u gal, also very clean checked every month an also bring own 4 sets sheets and 30 wash clothes own stuff to play and clean up with  not a revolving door dont see a ton nor everyone and anyone , but as u see reviews  those i see we have tons of fun ( and last note by the way ...yes---- i am fun ( ummmm its suppose to be fun ) but safe and clean,  u can have fun and get dirty while here but besides that.... u get the idea  and if u dont  u can ask if have a questions I only described or tried to this much because bp is just now a personals ad section so like my ad always removed because i say to much,   it is still technically a personals section so if u talk use words like escort , u ad is removed, ( just fyi )