Saturday, January 21, 2017

BP, other sies f u interested etc and info, i only put cause had fix since bp issue

UTUBE AND MYSPACE & FACEBOOK   at least u guys can access  i cant yet but u can
REVIEWS TER INDYS  working on got verified w room service ,,,,P411. cityvibe eccie.naughty nightlife and webcam sites,  as welll we eros and others
I GOOGLED by each city and found i am on  escort reviews life erotic monkey, listcrawler etc i am on,, they just copied ads from bp, and guys can add stuff but i am still trying, i am on  but on like  one in nc one in pitt, one in cleveland, soooooooo the firsts ites that come up  hard because not for travelrs like me
on adult search and my providers guide , that is connected
 what comes up is the  sites i mentioned that are just copies of bp, and eros and adult search and that is it,
so headed cities that use other ads also besides BP,, BP fine, i like can add a hi video
************so need sit down  and add myself to each of these sites for each ity i visit and takes time,  but once its done  should only have do once,, update when get there ,
like usa guide in NC erotic monkey FL  list crawler OHI , escortreviews live PITT
so bp great  for video of hi but  because a lot sites just copy it also kinda of  makes a mess as to where i am and reviews images etc
so I try update here