Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I am in Cleveland, ( made it out of Fl, whoa whoaa 954 200 9462

ok, jus staring to fix things, so if u give me a minute I am going repost links to direct pages of reviews videos and etc and thee are gallery updates, but I try ad a few and I do plan head around cleve but for now can u say hi in independence, until I can look up places east and west? and I don't have a car here  so also have get cab to places, so incall if u can, anyway , well, I am here visiting m dad
 and plan to stay around a month or so,  give or take and go back and forth to check on him,
( u be so proud, I fixed gutters and stairs, fixed fence and doors,  and  mowed lawn, , the usual laundry etc , but proud I did the handymans jobs, smile!!!!!!
and for anyone sees this, whoaaa whoa made it out of florida finally thanks you god ( except the cold) I have 3 pairs of sweats so far, u should have seen my dads face when  shwed him what florida shirt and shorts meant, ohhh , I have few pics to share also and a small hi, I am back video  ,  well let me at least throw this up because people asking if I am here

but have webcam and contracts and  credit card machine but have to  fix most of it, had get all new computers and phones and now need a few outfits and toys cause we all know how much  I LOVE my lingerie heels and toys and glide,

also been working out so hope to get this little bit of ( bread wt) off me and  appreciate u patience or help with  helping me   work that off) smile, anyway , lookoing fwd seeing u again
thank you
toni benz
954 200 9462