Friday, March 30, 2012

april 2012 new location and pictures and news

hi everyone
  first for florida '
 reviews ter 33271 and indie board toni benz
 here are new pictures taken march 28 2012
i leave them like this and then put in a collage in a week so the blog isnt so long to scroll thru
anyway FLORIDA
these  Pictures taken March 28 2012
i dont edit mine,  just crop and resize 
sometimes i try improve exposure but i dont mess with editing  and giving yoou a false image of myself
 if anything, all i hear  all the time is i look prettier (face softer ) omg those that know me read below you will laugh
anyway told i am preetier in person and shorter in person

i tried new location  by 95 still buut closer to mid broward for yoou ft lauderdale people
icall and outcall avaiable  and i am  at times avaibale before ten am and  after midnight
 just depends  on how the day goes

i did buy a house down here except aboout a week ago- for aboout 3 months my daughter living back with me ( working at petsland)  but she had to take a medical leave from college and without a doorm she had no place to go,  apparently they cant miss more than a week for modeical reasons, without taking a medical leave for the semester

news for those that know me
i should be able too start to travel again after may 1st  given  everything here is ok
 may 1st i finish w my court case down here and also my daughter moved back with me
she moved in a week ago and is here for about 3 months
 she had t take a medical leave at college ( if it isnt one of us with something its the other huh!? smile!!!!)
 i will go onto stories in a little bit ( we dont want to scare new people that dont knoow me )
you know i thiink thats funny ,
i am getting the cam and sites back to running, not sure what i want to do there
 i want say hi to those i want to and since i still take picture and video jobs , i would like you to see whats going on, but also since nursing license transferred  and done w the medical classes i  was asked to take to catch up like medical errors and hiv , i also will be doing that
 so just not sure
 ( only half of me wants to "grow up" smile
 i cant help it i still like wrestling and doing videos and pictures  especially since i am not sick like i was in nc , i am not swollen or tired and  so my body and my energy levels back to noormal for me
 and you know who you are !!!!!!!!!!!
 i still want to travel and see friends i know in other areas
 grow up means job,  and sites
we know toni never means relation ship or settle down like that * (hahah)  see i broke out in hives just mentioning that kind of thing, ( you know i think thats funny and true)
 i did just do nursing for almost  3 years ( something like that right?)
the need for me to use a guys body, have contact and sex drive   has not even  remotely dwindled
i didnt expect it to, buut expected the obession with touching and staring at"it" and girls and laying on guys to at the very  be so that i didnt  have to touch and stare
( those that know me , know what i mean, those that dont probably think, what the hell is she talking about
i still like to lay and stare and take control and be on top and  use the person
althoough i must tell my northerners
( they dont "do it" to welll down here or they dont care , kinda both down here and its hot
 you laugh one small story  at hootel i stayed last month i was there enouigh i knew maintence and housekeeping, very well,
 like did laundry with them and  ate lunch in there  lunch room
 so eventually two became friends and i do mean just friends like little brothers to me,
the maids just laughed saying they know what do not disturb means ( they just knew i was getting some ( thats how girls put it )
 but the maintance guys knocks one day i answer and he says omg were u getting high in here ( of course i am not) we all know
but i didntt know what to say because he saw my glass dildo half laying oout of covers and thought it was a bong i guess,  since i didnt say  anything he picks it up
( you should seen his face at first trying to figure out where the bong hole was  then what it was then when he did ) it was funny
but he says
toni oh my god are you rubbiing one out again
from then on when i didnt have the air conditioning on ( you know me, once i start to sweat or have a guy in front of me or even move and woorkout ) jeeash thats it
i laugh cause like no self control whatsoever still and i  blame you guys for making me a little freak and never sayinbg no!!
( hey i am a girl, i have to blame someone)'
except omg, the people i have never seen  yet are probably thinking i cant tell if she is weird, exagerrating, making a joke or for real
 thats why i said going to  keep blog tame a little while because i was nursing i really dont hve  the "friends"  set to those i just like and want to see yet since i havent been around
almost tho then once thats set i be able to blog you some stories
i did staqrt to update the facebook and my space and blog and i do newsletter again
 this way  you guys can see like exxotica and florida and some of the key west and other stories i have told you about and pictures from shooots and stuff  at least yoou can see  what went on the past few years when i fell of the earth and i think you like  it or i wouldnt say it or include it ,  just  at the end of the time from moving from nc, i was so pudgy from being swollen i no longer had confidence to do a lot of my wild stuff or videos
 now that i am back to my size and energy levels in florida i have done  quite a bit since then , and even the stuff heather didnt update  that i wanted to show you ( just letting you knoow, i have the stuff still )
 he said god dont you have a guy or just pick up the phone and call someoone