Wednesday, September 20, 2017

LINKS & NUDES as well as FEW of each FEET, OUTFITS, ADULT,( ME W SOMEONE) TOYS & EACH ANGLE OF ME in most outfits

IF U AT LEAST SKIM THIS TOP post u get GOOD IDEA ME< LOOK LIKE ETC  have do some fetish toys boobs butt & me 
next visiting either bwi, phil or finish  cov, ky ,cincy trip , 
ok last pics taken so current, clear  just a few -rest added last post

 booo- did scare ya,
 boobs butt & me (lol)

whooooo whoooa and this just an example of what in posts below , just 1 2 of each so u get idea without hunting .

VIDEO TOPLESS just few second see boobs, me, love ya free vids, most/best) BLOG,recent nudes, videos,pics ) picture album- -pics 2106-updating now)
these few fb utube etc i think u can see but i been locked out few months

THIS IS WHY I SAY GOOGLE ME THO JUST google TONI BENZ u see enough know real or skim reviews  _ ummm  DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN< BUT IF A GAL HAS PAGES OF ALL PEOPLE SAY *< ( I GIVE HERE AND FEW PAGES, SHe could be real, i put words here- i did not before cause anyone can write pretend it a review, I rather show u a video ,

Ok this is my  use to do be like directories etc  social sites explain stuff 
next blog i know u want see or i copy few reviews ( i dont read) so do not know what they say ,- i just hear i have lot great reviews_ but i try ge people good time , anyway,, so below explain sites directories, videos but  --- next lecture (lol) i attempt explain sessions time with me, reviews & any kind of  that kind of stuff - just hate words, _ as u see, i just write fast, tend not to explain well, sound like an idiot, & also people get caught up in words now adays, but but i try  just did not want bore u, -ut will say it will amaze u kinds fun have , vs just what u think of -i always been that middle ground that is nice looing but reasonable almost to nice i hear, or not massage not escort but in between and no list , same w looks not muscular not skinny fat, always been that middle ground ok---------if it matters explain videos,social  sites escort model wrestle  directories , when why update BELOW-
VIDEOS< few sites myspace, google me  for wrestle adult and or toni benz btw as adult videos  so did and few sites ( again fixing) same with webcam and credit card ,,,
still working on either updating or most fixing, because i   was gone 7 years, and some i got kicked off or ip locked so have to  re do, but know my pscae good videos pics, and  so does fb u tube i just cant get into it  ,

 - i know if u like any ( that are not listcrawlers_ copy bp_) like ecort babyln, erotic monkey escort reviews lives etc _ all just copy bp, & that is ok, if i could  change add stuff - but cannot 
sooo REVIEWS ON --
indys ter reviews 33271 toni benz working on also p411 eccie datecheck usa guide city vibe not forgotten any of that just  esp since came back  almost new gal, && u guys now use backpage a lot, i now weed tru 196,235 txt a day, so what free tme i have besides try keep nursing license active, workout and etc for me, but i do expect as know people and dont have answer basics every 5 seconds to 30 people,   i will have time ( just like i did with blog) i did this summer,   so does get better example of  some googl stuff besides I KNOW A point of  view boobs thing and wrestling and etc comes up ,  social sites for get what else but a bunch (REAL GAL) nothing big like said just show u no fake, girl have that much on them out there esp not timeline, anyway  oh yes did maury dr phil,  xygen ag, fitness rx mag newspapers st louis jazz festival gohst charleston documentary ,  giovanii jeans nascar appears hot dogg swim wear my favorite tho is  i was picked by medical sofware company , had 4  photographers take image every part of me as most anatomically correct femals, ( lol) but figure model is what called, video games art work, comic books, body paint, chain mail catalogs ( i was asked to do like  adam & eve etc -but at time daughter, teenager said  if i do anything where her friends can see she  would be upset) so declined ad u pretty much probably seen parts my body just not know it , did  wrestle and fetish videos, -like scuba and real wrestling, pedal , car stuff, the usual _ even this is the adult only one _ but i like it , anyway again just show u i real,,, It is kinda like  this, ( escort ,modeling, wrestling, massage)- u just put u portfolio up , say u are here and see what offers come in and  say yes or no) so like  sexy jobs or onemodelplace  or wb270 ,  babewarehouse, same as this  lot of diretroies some do tv,   but same concept,--- i use to do just put  also on my membersite and  social sites and share with people thne would offer 4 webcam shows week free, as well as u could watch 900 other gals for free, so when people came by we watch one, while saw each other etc , ( it wa fun but a different  time) now everyone is so use bp, people are not sure what oher fun we could have beside s&f,  kinda lame( but that is what it turned to same as videos, all pain or b&w or bdsm,- so whole diff world since came back, & dont mind i do get need quickies if anyone gets that its me ( i would care for myself 11,12 times a day_ not kidding) but its just  want know who coming by and watch traffic exposure etc , be tad clean about it , ohhhh anyway i did , do have 
 cute model ones show u my goal,  for what like to looks like,but more toned, tan and blonder hair, but we will see   
,__ but ummmm thank u to ohio, came up care for my dad as he died at home  and everything including computer, which had pics cell also and heck  my socks, his asshes my palm sunday frawns even  me daughter family pics , like  people took everything left me with a small suitcase middle of floor with nothing in it ,

**************************   but man use have sex swing etc i loved to get into seeing people and having fun , the looks, i like to looks nice, and care about myself, the weight , ahhhh as long as it does not jiggle, i am ok with it, but do feel sexier lighter  anyway k i think drown u with proof ( IF THAT NOT ENOUGH HHAHHAHHA but seriously __ below is even more me at conentions and expos with girls porns sras, me on shoots with gals and boys avn conventon i tok camera  video behind scenes see what we see,  anyway had cool stuff _ i hear copy in nc, - btu it doesnt matter it is old, just  i think that and blog  should be zippo questions that s me and i have fun and give u great time !!!!!!!