Sunday, November 26, 2017

11/30 DONT LAUGH didnt make it to the put on clothes/ make up hair part _ testing light- NUDE PICS & VIDEO BUT HAD TO SHARE ** FINALLY Old body back, yeahhhhh HUH???

BTW the next 7 POSTS  all past 6 months of pics  videos, taken w cell/webcam/diff outfits -1 post overview for u, like ones of each and nude adult toys outfits  in general for you, 1 is  fun one below me younger and now and misc fun adult pics for u ,(me w guy , gals model, wrestle, fetish)  - lastly 1 is of  me reviews, ranking, proof rates 8.4 out 10 for looks and service  BLOG has 2 yr worth stuff enjoy ,

NOVEMBER 30,2017 not to bad for an old lady , 

NOV 26th ,- U WILL LOVE THESE PICS& ME AGE 20,30 & 40, stripper ,nurse model ,& wrestler leather,nude w gals ,hooking up w adults i like to have FUN

me as nurse,ME AGE 22 face/body//ohh original,  me as stripper get thru nursing school ( so why stand beside gal) & me as nurse, 
ME AS 32 FACE/BODY, this is when model wrestled so will add those to below these from 40 /41 which is basically this whole blog ,  so---u get idea 

the ones above model, wrestle   have like thousands images tho, 100.s vids, so just few ,few more below,  just few i saw right away from  beg of blog
 Pic me before left fl  about 38/39 & then me me a year after i got into ohio,- so below pics after left ohio  to travel, this past year  - the next like months of images u see,  it just got more old body back, sexies,-trying get body  life back, ME AGE 40 OK ME AGE 

ME AT 41  NOW ,trying  although also robbed to death,  meaning dads house striped lost everything then driver robbed me electronic so basically came in HOT and had 6 grand saving and stuff & left chubby with like 5 sets of clothes and 12 cents to my name, ( thats ohio for ya)  why did i come  took care of father while he passed then his estate, & now have id Insurancee dr  storage mail etc there but , just going  to move id /& pay  dr cash if i have to cause this is ridiculous ,know not me, everytime i go thru gals ask me take then with them ,cle, cbus use to be ok, ( its bp) cities that just use that basically become an alley, the rob thing my cop fried says heroin & never got out recession_ but umm isnt that everywhere , so no idea just have worst luck also ,but fyi i say cause think it amazing the pics, jaw dropping huh???????
****************ok BELOW THESE MORE ME IN FL-w gals, model wrestling etc YES WAY MORE ADULT PICS VID ALSO thru out when went to adult shoots conventions ,hooked up w gals guys  way more of all in earlier posts , just wanted show u  cause i happen to see them pop up , meant just show show age stuff anyway,

ok misc me fl, me w girl me wreste me in fl , adult ones i condensed once already and smattered thru out _ even did set ones this summer so they there vid, pics , have to get to other stuff but enjoy