Friday, October 4, 2013

SEPTEMBER 2013 FLORIDA just posted this to few sites

this is  link have in mywebsite
what I am using it for right noow is the pictures and website links  for you to view because I have lot requests for them, I do expect  my website be back up soon
delay due my bank that's all they  cancelled have reissue me check until they do that I haven't  gotten hosting  new pics etc done and paid for that's all, but all I need is that to pay and  then site mbe active again with updates sorry for inconvenience
I don't like it any better it been almost four weeks waiting now
thanks toni benz
954 200 9462
the funny part is  people that have known me since I started have been amazed I don't change my body or looks much ,  because take care of myself and workout is a lifestyle, and have good genes
 Russian , autrian Italian,

Friday, February 1, 2013

new cell number 954 200 9462

954 200 9462
 2nd page at bottom list of links, i reaarange soon, put  on first page along w gallery of rolkpelay, fetish examples,  give me a  few days thanks  toni benz