Wednesday, March 26, 2008

computer problems, TOUR dates below

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June 3rd thru 5th columbus ohio
june 6-10th cleveland ohio
plan to be in chicago , boston and florida in summer as well as baltimore, dc and carolinas thx

jokes and weird stuff

this is cell phne tracking

this is a funny obgyn recording
Definitely from the office of a southern specialist. You will enjoy the play on words. Wait until you hear what SUIT
stands for!

vegas videos

who is a felon by you website

what is funny about this to me I looked and there are less felones by my dad in getto cleveland Oho then the suburbs of charlotte Nc that is a bit rediculous, but i think t is because they ignore the bad areas they do not even botehr to arrest anyone there anymore , to be honest , just neat knwoing and no I am not on the map lol, I do not have any record at all, You cannot have one as an R.N. - You need to know who your neighbors are. Especially if they're dangerous criminals

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

news and travel-- also on calender ,

i hae tons planned for this year and looking foward to it, first i am sorry for going away been gone to weeks had dental surgery and it really took me down !!! ww it sucked

I also have new pictures to show you

anyway i have cartoons to add for you and a new fan site that i can have conetest and stuff one and discounts , promotions, but for now i need to get caught up from being away for dental work , so let me get calender and tour stuff up and etc then we can have soem fun and i will tell you more of what i have been doing,

besides getting into trouble ( smile)

In charlotte please note in june i am giving u apartment, it is not worth it to have it anymore for me due to teh decline in charlotte on both ends even mine , does not help to be sick everytime i am hme , so will be doing outcall only soon and have a day when am home i will mark on calender that i will have incall if their is a need

this is for the next two weeks , charleston now, and then hilton head friday next week columbia then atlanta ,
after that i plan to be in Philly Pa KOp area. april 5thru 9th then in greensboro But will nt be available chaperone for scho event
then washington dc and baltimore
I plan to also visit florida , texas and california this year , as well as back to ohio my old home
, for you okay?? thanks