Thursday, February 14, 2008

charlotte traveling till march , sorry had a huge bill come up

and we all know i cannot make that in charlotte so heading to new england, i have waited awhile ot get some crowns in and actually like 10 years and this week it was to much i had them chip off and fall out so i am fixing them monday the 18 the am but need to pay the dentist lol, unless you want to, just kidding so i will be back home in charlotte march and please i do hope to see you then thanks so much, just wanted yout o know not personal'
and the recent rain has helped i am not the severe allergic reactions when i am home now, so thanks god for that
love you
toni benz

the news webcam shows, pictures and videos from feb 14th happy v day

happy valentines day, I am not even going to tell you but i forgot about teh holiday, but was reminded so happy v day lol okay the news from chicago
did pics with a professional evan michaels in chicago he has shot with cubs, vanity fair magazine has pictures of vince vaughn, matt damon etc , so should be good sexy pics and a video of girl guy with a cutie pie , close ups good lighting and it was me and " chief" we called him that because he had a little "tent"( boner ) going from the second he saw me, how cute huh ? the news first what i did in chicago '

webcam shows this next week feb 19-25
okay webcam shows this week are wed at 5pm and saterday at 11 am on camz
and Thursday at 6 pm and Friday at 11pm with sex cam central
two this week to make up for missing next week,