Sunday, April 23, 2017

april 23-28 Cbus before last appt here so cincy?? of chicago phil nc md va ny ct & FL HOME

 had to stay here this week, cost me to much leave and come back wed for appt
but then i go somewhere for 10 days an dthe finally free may 9th of everything ,
might go     CINCY   10 days, but for sure then  chi/phil and
might just cut to chase go straight      CHI * PHIL     i plan to be in both
cities a while 2/3 weeks, move around from there ,,,      NC
the nc  charlotte see sister and few people and then i do know also
end july beg of august ( flordia , and winter  for holidays          FLORIDA) back hoe w daughter ,, now if i can fit in  running around to any where else up here i will
like MD/VA  NY/CT   just know kinda bits and pieces and goal and free may 9 for good,,, freakkkkkkk i am sorry ,  but first year took care of my dad  then his estate a few months and now finishing   my  dentist and dr taxes  , land and gas contracts for estate etc ,,,
 sorry i do know a few upset in phil or chi  but remember i was up here to do that not really work work,, , and probably now that done go back to travel nuring and see  you on side if u will have me ( cause i know i dont want a relationship)  like to travel, like to nurse and like to ummmm lay on you and use u body
so going to comine that and come by  till i can decide where i want to live
( now that daughter done w college and married ) um love vaca in FL but not really live there
ok thats the news thanks for u patience