Thursday, June 12, 2008

shoots i am looking foward too!!!

some of my next shoot are below

I found 3 homes on one private cove that could be rented all together for complete privacy for both indoor and outdoor shoots & it's gorgeous! Waterfront property with 3 in-ground pools, several piers, a pond & some small sandy areas on the waterfront. I will base the format of this event largely on how the Michigan bash has been run since it was done so well and smoothly each year.

The 3 homes can handle 13 couples and 2 singles - so 15 Charms/Gents & their photogs at full capacity (actually, 17 C/Gs if the sleep sofas are used as well).

Monday, June 9, 2008

in cleveland now the news and fun

shot some outside pictures and studio pictures for the updates on bellatoni. and also brought my motorcycle out you guys like> the somoyan in the pictures you saw last time i played with again and they had puppies that are five weeks old , how freaking adorable is that > i love them . anyway ,so that was cute . also i tried to dig holes with a digger and ride the jeep and stuff , basically tore up the yard and played around building a fenced in back yard for the puppies so will show you all the fun> rode around in a slip he he he then tank and short shorts , it was hot m and hott !!
i had some x rated fun as well so far in cleveland with my frined brandy dean again and she brought one of my favorite guys big dick, back over to shoot with us , his wife directed and i always love that they are so cool with doing the swingers life style and letting me tape it to show you guys, anyway that is the news.... off to chicago after i do three more shoots for southern charms , see peope and spend time with my dad
so soon you will have updates on all my sites including my space, clips ,clubtoni and southern charms as well as bellatoni, working on as well making it interactive and adding a store for you,

Friday, June 6, 2008

I am heading for Cleveland OH today (Friday June 6th)

and I will be in Cleveland till June 13. Next, I will be in Chicago from June 14 - June 21. If you want to see me in either city, be sure to call me or email me to arrange an appointment because I have photo shoots scheduled in both cities and these sometimes have to be changed. Looking forward to meeting lots of my fans in both cities too.