Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 29th back into CHI O hare till July 5th 100 HH 160 HR OHHHHH went to POOL< some pool BIKINI Pics!!!

CHICAGO travel, staying awhile etc me,,, 
O hare,, HIllside and oakbrook , anywhere else , ?
I know this is weird for U guys,,know u use bp, and in and out in 24/7,, but umm, not me,, i can feel my body ,(LOL) need sleep & work nursing, also) 
 but I am staying awhile ,, just another week or 3  in there,, ****2 reasons***1 to do Nursing shifts on & off  & 2 meet people,* TRUST ME  since been back past yr and half it works, i found dont like , 2 or 3 cities for people and 1 for allergies,,,  but once know city, people ,places,, becomes much better for both of us, and hen can get to funs tuff like videos, webcam talking to u, not just answering 100 new txt everyday,,, 
i had on ad * I think i just put on blog in case ___ad keep getting taken down, 
Just back past year or so & found have to find what cities I like to travel nursing, & see people again,**SOOOO i know It does get easier, funnier,  for me in winter etc if know, which  places like for both , **& i  come thru , do nursing, take a week have fun w those I know ,leave,,4 shift a month is what need PRN status, but if i am unsure I run back to OHO< ( where got degree, do few days , run back, also do same for see ,DR, every 4/6 wks,  make sure all okay dokay!!!!
FOR PAST & YEARS , been in Florida, just doing ,  Nursing ,taking care of myself,  so,Now  daughter off to college ...Now Back to what i like, TRAVEL, NURSING AND COMPANY,,,i make few clips for u, But didnt love webca, member site stuff, Like contact,, remember,,LOL,, love u 
 Toni b

Next post LINGERIE< HEELS< NYLONS from MONDAY 26TH Video also Loe ya,, be around chicago , meet new people O hare now
run into OHIo JUly 5,6th be back hillside July 7th then Oakbrook,, till i do that deposition and be done, but hopefully meet some new people  
Love u,, Toni Benz 

Friday, June 23, 2017

END June Beg JULY PIS, but u see do every few days ,, cute lingerie June 29

CHICAGO_ok got back in wed june @8  these pics from  july 26 & 29 m&th   ready for  wknd, going stay put  so can catch people , btw i am up early and lae so no worries, ,, take nap sometimes middle day usually ( allergies,,, works better for me also , 

JUNE 27 to July 5th O hare , 
Hillside ,, July 6,7,8 the and the  does anyone NEED want north shore, etc, But then  I think should be time to go Oakbrook do the witness statement, so week okabrook ?? plus by then i should get know most people,  HOWEVER JUST NOW seeing new people so if missed u, besides  been fiasco, of trip-- just now 
adding pics and description brief of hr mainly  massage vs hr mainly adult next HH is that HH, lol, and think u have all need , 

Ok stay a bit,,,, cause i got into accident in oakbrook( not me cabbie) but we all were hurt) me, slammed head into credit card reader, anyway  being called  deposition as  the only witness ( the cabbie was txting an saw light green so gunned it and car in front him was stopped,) so we slammed into him,  but last time i said no __i dont want to get involved ( as people said i did.not have to,) i got arrested for obstruction of justice, _although when a driver stole my electroics, the cops said --what do u want us to do__    they have a flat affect and a god  complex, so ohh dont get me started _ but they do leave me alone- so they are ok i guess---lol
ok pics from monday also, just few show u not gained 100 pounds in a week and half or cut hair all off, (  that s what i feel like  everytime someone says new ic, i am like there a week old, ) but i get it ,  if it was  just more then me in a mirror i might like them more, but at least tad more moves and f get new webcam maybe can do better ( cause t computer i dont get a countdown---- ohh new cell, and  linegerie heels, came __ had re order toys but did <<

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 20Th UPDATED with NUDES NUDES FEET pics clothes & toys,new cell so lets play CHICAGO ,,,, VIDEOS< ADUL GALLERY LNKS LINGERIE PIC BELOW< LOVE U


OK the JUNE nudes NEXT post June 12 pics red outfit__ then next post videos toplesss butt boobs, and few hi ones, OHH  i also need add links fresh ( they are below says LINKS0 but i try re post on top < so i do w  next post be ADULT  pics gallery  CLOTHES TOYS GET FRI SAT__ be in rosemont, , & hillside, till leave
examples clothes got,  w another corset and red  silk long teddie,,
I am sure u see in next pics?videos,,,, anyway but i have purple white black pink grey  etc and the toys strap on, silver buletts  butt plugs btt beads vibrator,cock rings,prostate vibrating massager, etc whooo whoooa

one of guys know said this this am,,", you always look stunning< but U are worth it, NOBDOy provides ultimate pleasure and satisfaction like u do "
awwww,  trying get on my good side,by lying , hahhahha ok,