Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer fun, I got new phone and did new vids and pics, so do me a favor and give me a few min and i update it , for now links reviews vids, pics etc
the u tube is just hi videos for apps, I use myspace and facebook for fun diff videos , just fyi,

Columbus july 11-18th , and hope to head to pa , wanted update you . what i do?? .hrs? answer phone?? little stuff like that

I just wanted to update at the very least my schedule so far, a few things messed up because having trouble w  finding decent dr in Cleveland so had to go back every two weeks ,
I HAD A FEW THOUGHTS AND WANTED TO POST , MAYBE ANSWER A FEW COMMON QUESTIONS  , and update pics and vids and stuff like  that , sooooo coming soon,
explain better what I do ( people seem to ask wether escort or massage or what )
 I didn't know fun was limted to just one  things hahah but seriously, I do small massage and what I call body glide and teasing and playing with you ( and that's for me and my enjoyment ) so lenth time varies and then from there sky is limit, whatever you find fun ,  we can throw in toys pure gfe and twice and just going at it relief, or kinky and want few fetishes ,  or jus a better massage and glide and finish ,once u ae done, its up to you also  ( I WILL TAKE THE WHOLE HR )  but some people take less than hr and head out, 
I am not sure when fun got depersonalized or a list or etc ( I think w advent of that ad site, we all know name of ) anyway hope that answers that
 always reach me 9/10 am to 5/6 pm  before and after are aable but not always and usually u have to tell me, I try but night people usually chanee around or don't make it or etc so I am kinda more a day thru rush hr person but I am usually up early and late , so u can try ,
also plz note
only read this if having trouble reaching
( otherwise , I think, it sucks fun out of everything)
but because I get so many questions about it------ here ya go bubble burst
plz realize some days I can get 10-20 requests for each hr and 60 txt along w 30calls during day 
I CONCENTRATE MY EFFORTS ON SEEING 2/3 PEOPLE  and getting ready for them and  making sure all set for each person coming. and answer txt in between seeing people,
Most people want me to answer gith then so if I cant answer u in an hr or so I usually don't
( I tried I get yelled at and it doesn't work )  so I jus need to know if you want me to call u when I am free or want me to shoot u a txt when free etc, no you don't have to make an apt and no I doesn't get to me or bug me,
 I just wanted to answer why  sometimes hard to reach me ,  but some people luck out and call me first time ever and come on over right then ,  again its advent of that ad site, use to be easy and answer everyone see most and because of that site I now post on , volume  sometimes  overwhelming,  but if I don't post no one calls, 
 so relax  between  asking when call and is that u and what do you do  etc
when did the fun go out of style,
relax I make sure we are safe we are clean ( I am ocd w cleanliness and clean linen ,clean me , clean place, and safety is first concern I check in watch for day and I even I will move mid day if have to if feel anything is weird  and yes that is me and yes reviews\
actuall if you made it this far onto my site and onto this blog you are one of rare few ,  and I find have always gotten along with anyone that has seen my site, reviews, videos , pics any of that because most just see an image and call and then ask me the rest  and I typically dont have patience answer is that me, kind of questions on phone so I save as dont answer,
so I do try I am here , I catch up on txt in am, and I either get to many calls and txt or none at all, but I tend to pick  few people have un with them and not make it into any big thing but try answer every I can even to say just hi and vm will have when avav next ,
SO IT DOES GET EASIER  as I go thru figure out who is who
shot me a txt or call, if u want email and most likely as I said if u made it this far , I wouldn't worry, I will see you and have fun with you soon