Monday, October 24, 2016

NOV 1st , still in cleveland, almost got travel dates, sorry had finish stuff here, & since everything was stolen had start over

plus had the worst luck, I always do in Cleveland so I hate it here, plus the bad luck  makes me look like a liar like  say ava and I am not, so then everyone gives up and all that is left is people I don't want to see, < but that isn't why I am saying this, its the story , listen to how bad my luck is here , even the hotel manager I know said, yeah I can see why u don't like it here ,
  almost done in ohio - thank for u patience, if u care to know why been here so long read below, give u a good laugh, ok so try leave as soon as can , ( need look at cost and see if nay checks came, ) but by nov 7/8th hope leave, head Chicago or pitt ( again depends which costs more) although know more in pitt, could use some nice company , but might head chi first then head thru  to dr in Columbus then to pitt and kop, then new places like md ,ct, ky, nc, places I promsed,  although  almost done w credit card and webcam processing,  trying fix everything butt my main goal is answer everyone and put up new pics and videos so ... the other stuff is always a slow go,
*****ok anything I forgot or u need to know, if not enjoy story time,
even now, i was planning leave nov 2, ( but yesterday  place informed me they reserved me for the week, ) due high cost cause of world series so 3 nights equaled a week, anyway , but if can will leave sooner, waiting on a check, mainly need like 300 bucks in uber money to go around do last errands, 
it is kinda funny,  if u don't live it its like wow , really,
OK so that is this luck this week,
week #1
came in said I am here and  since had a ride, come up ran to my dads house and found it robbed and vandalized and I mean they didnt leave a paper clips, took all family photos ,my dads ashes , my bills, even and all my clothes shoes toys outfits, great huh , so spent days doing insurance utilities call family police etccccc ,
*************thinking doing a fund me, or I rather just work harder except, I like seeing just 2 or 3 a day. , anyway so lost everything  have literally the 2 suitcases had on me and that's it , not even family mementos,  who takes family pics and who needs 30 jesus statues , or ashes I mean bills, xmas cards , tacks pins, everything taken
week #2
 ok so since had a savings acct, its fine let me go tan and get hair cut  look pretty and say I am here so did that  spa and errand day and next day , flu- so there went that week
ok its Monday again , I am walking around outside , up and down hill as I fix ads and post , and I swear I hit post and poof, I hear sirens and get u hands up and I am arrested, , because that morning someone robbed someone and ran thru me , knocked me down, ( I didn't know they did anything )just saw someone run thru me , they found him, he didn't have stuff or whetever on him, so   witness sae me walking and asked if I could id him, I said ummm don't want get involved  , they said just verify that is him , I said yes that is him and  walked away, so the sirens etc were , I swear I just hit post
 were because arrested me for obstruction of justice,  and as usual assholes, so didn't let me get anything or wallet etc , so had sit in jail for 2 days till I  could get anyone to bring me my wallet to bond out 554, bucks btw, and went court next day ,  at least got most cash back , but again there goes the whole week cause then had run Columbus for the day and then its Friday
week#4 & now  besides  doing stuff like soc sec office claims from states I have lived in new id, new health insurance  calling tons calls and errands got a po box and storage unit, so at least had address up here , new dr appts and just stuff like that , but all these erands have take uber, so between hotel and uber without working and 2 trips to Columbus and back for new dr, 
this s why I barely come into ohio
because I come in with cash and savings and leave with , ( ok like now, don't even have a winter jacket ) I like leave by skin of my teeth using hotel points and sometimes had borrow cash )
I am almost done and ,like I said, I  can leave and only have to run in and out for the mail or dr, now , (thank u god, ) and
but will put pics and etc on top , so only those that read my news know , just thought would tell ya,
toni b

im the worst at selfies, need a stick, oh did get smart phone & ipad finally whoo whoa