Sunday, March 23, 2014

march 23 20014, toni benz, truth about florida & happenings , leaving soon

florida to head up north , in next two weeks or so,  anyway I going try throw site back up and update blog, so at least you know what is going on, if anyone still around or wonders about me, I got stuck here on probation, been fighting a charge for five years ( just like you hear florida horrible) for  this, company and also  the courts ) now it has nothing to do with this, ( dui for 0.0 and 0.0 ) honest you guys know me, not a drinker, anyway  fought it , then gave up  pleaded adjudicated and now finiishiing probation, which she demanded, I stay in county) , so the main news is I will be leaving finally headed up north, probably to Cleveland first at my dad or friends in md or pa, would love visit nc and Chicago also, ) anyway, if you don't hear from me tho in a week ( I try update and catch you up ) , but the reason I even tell you this story, is I missed two appts on probation and punishment is, the judge wants me to do year in jail or prison,  so I will be either seeing everyone soon
 or sucked into hell for a year and then hope seeing everyone,
***************** pictures taken today
MARCH 23 2014,
 SEE THO STILL LOOK SOMEWHAT LIKE ME, ( smile) and also still loveeeee
 laying on , gliding on touch and affection and  silver bullets )  so dying get out of here and  have contact again ( they don't do that really here ) so dying
 anyway this is just quick to fyi  for you
hm trying add pictures from sunday , giving me trouble , but put them on facebook and stuff so know they work, must be the blog, I try monday