Sunday, November 9, 2014

pics ad took down, Toni are u boobs real, soft etc pics for you

Toni, what do u have with you, lingerenylons heels toys lotions glide clean linen each session

nov9/10 in cleve, ok doing post now, ads all 100% me, no editing even

hahahah way to lazy to edit or make up reviews or pictures  let alone videos, so a tad bit of searching and u can have most of your questions answered ,
also cleve indys board having trouble logging on , have not been able to even tho used 3 diff emails, and also putting up eros this week, then I be set and off to Columbus,
so few more days cleve and off to Columbus

just fyi, when I wasn't around for few years site was down, so I updated galleries and a few posts and  slowl making sure the rest works, since  had it working great before, although I know everyone uses facebook, here u find links pics and adult stories I cannot do and travel stuff
like Columbus, I am coming
 as well as chi philly md,
 and while the links to reviews and videos and stuff are like five pages into this blog.,
I will cut and paste them so there upfront here as well as travel  info and pics that the ad sites keep taking down,
but here in independence,
oh I also have explain how m availability and etc works, like reaching me, isn't that hard some people seen 3/4 times already here others missed all time,
 spcl if we work out I try but fyi , some days I get as many as 40 calls for a 2-3 hrs period plus txt and seeing people and other days and times twiddling my thumbs, but if I cannot respond in a timely manner, I don't unless u say to, because most people simple don't want a return txt or call, unless I can preferably right then but a most 30=60 min later , so if its a few hrs or night time after 5 and u called during day, I wont bug u,
ohhhhh also just realized emails all went to spam from ad, so never saw any of them, I wondered , I thought wow everyone txts and no one emals at all anymore, and  I either here , people understand or they don't,  I get u never answer , u arnt real etc, but its just  some days and times to much volume and other days none,  I do best I can but apt take priority  so getting me and  stuff set for the people on there way first then I answer and catch up and I also try see just 2/3 people a day , anyway hope that helps, below answers to, your hard to reach at times, and what do u have and bring, do fetish roleplay etc, is with pictures in next post for you, so after reading this and one above u should have most questions answered ,
ps I slowly fix grammer and stuff just wanted get this up at least, as calls some in thanks
 so each day I start new,!!!!! and anyway love ya and let me finish  I have links and pictues set to put up, thanks
TONI BENZ   reviews use be nc and area code 704  like ter is 33271  and also bellatoni most called me so if google that or toni benz the pics n clips4sale and are under toni benz two sections on each site, modeling, wrestling, fetishes and adult two somes threesomes  gir guy etc
 and same w modeling  toni benz, under ultimate surrender scizzor vixons, giovani jeans nasca apearal, documentaries and oxygen and fitness rx magazines maury and dr phil tv etc etc,  traveled  al over now I nurse and starting travel again,
 here in cleve help my dad
thanks toni benz belatoni