Sunday, April 24, 2016

april 2016 < making sure this is correct blog PICTURE APRIL 24 AND NEWS

for some reason i have been logging in and updating the wrong blog ( the one on my model/wrestle site/ i bet they are like wtf , hahaha jeeesh anyway took new pics and been touring, just  have had post diff blog on ad, so u guys havent known whats been going on, but let me post if this is correct  will update you , in pa , nc next  and here new pics  all today april 24 there u go thats me, also i got kicked off from you tube, ip locked out, and facebook a girl stealing my pics and using , so now locked out of that in process of proving to them that is me,, my luck, see told ya bad luck , everyone else can use but once i start using stuff,  nooo idea what i do wrong but jeeesh