Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jan 12*HEADED TO PITT*****1/10 topless video & did pics ,&FINALLY HUH i know,,,,,thank god , see u soon

  I TOLD YA I REALLY DO TRY TAKE A FEW ONE OR TWICE &  literally stand in front mirror and hit click 30 - 40 times before someone comes in and throw phone down look later, sometimes for get but try pick 2 fast show u now,,,  go thru rest find clearest one diff poses when i can_ I NOTICED I forgot like  2 sets ,  but i didnt love them, but i go thru when i travel ok,,,,
 AND UMMMMM ZERO EDITING,, ZERO,, --if u think i have that kind of patience   , for that ,,  & for what ,  u want see who going open the door  photographers want see who there going to shoot u know, ,, anyway ,really have u tried?? it takes along time,,, boring ,,rather watch tv or workout or lay on u,,,, ,,SEE U SOON<<<<<